716242e015e28c6f961e171a585fa590Coaching is still considered a relatively new concept for many people and not everyone has a clear idea what it is until they try it out themselves. This is the reason I thought I’d share with my own words and with borrowed words from Steve Chandler, who is one of the world’s best transformative coaches, what coaching is about and how it is different for instance from therapy.

As Steve puts it therapy is about the past and healing wounds while coaching is more about the future. It’s about creating a future that’s different from the future that would have arrived by default if you had no coach and no sense of creativity and no commitment.

To have a coach is to have someone who believes in us and hold us accountable to a bigger vision. A coach doesn’t believe in the negative stories we keep telling ourselves to avoid stepping outside of our comfort zone, neither believes in the fears that hold us back from being great and authentic. A coach believes that we were born to do great things and that we are already whole and have everything in our lives to create the life we want. A coach supports us to live up to our potential and motivates us to be willing to take the necessary steps for a positive transformation so we can realise our dreams and goals. A coach helps us discover what is really possible for us when we overcome our fears and dare to dream big!

As a coach this is exactly the experience I want to give my clients. I want them to see how beautiful, amazing and whole they already are. I want to them to dig deeper to find out their true desires and support them to see greatness in themselves, reassure them that I am there all the way to help them work through their own fears, blocks and limiting beliefs so they can start creating the life they truly want and live out their dreams ♥

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