Life is for living


Újabb 10 napos kundalini meditácio kurzusban veszek részt Carrie-Anne Moss-szal, (Simple and Sincere Meditation Practice), aki minden nap biztat bennünket arra, hogy osszuk meg egymás között, instagramon keresztül, ami feljön egy-egy meditácio után. Nekem a hétvégét követően ez jött tegnap reggel (megj. itt a hétvége a péntek-szombat).
“This is what came up for me after my morning meditation:
Life is for living ✨ Don’t let fear get a grip on you. There’s plenty of human kindness and joy in this world everywhere – regardless of religion and geographic location – that’s what we should give more power to, not fear and anger. The answer is always love not fear. No-one knows exactly when our last day will come but there’s certainly life before that! So let’s not tip-toe our way until the end of our earthy life but start living and loving fully right in this moment. This beautiful planet we call home needs more people who love what they do and share that love with people around them. So let’s find ways to do our jobs even better, serve people even more powerful and be even more loving, kind and true to make this world a better place ✨#morning #kundalini #simpleandsincere #meditation #peacefortheworld #joyforthesoul #annapurnaliving #annapurnalivingroom

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