The wisdom of the womb

”The earthy, instinctual knowing of life’s deepest truths lives in your uterus (even energetically, if you no longer have one physically), which you can also begin to think of as your second heart. The voice of your intuition comes from your womb.
When your womb is shut down energetically, your creativity is quashed. You might eventually experience this at the physical level through infertility or other gynaecological complications, such as fibroids, cysts, or irregular cycles. To remedy a disconnection from your womb wisdom, you must first reclaim the artist that you are. Your creativity comes through when you cook a meal, dress your child, decide what shoes to wear, and create a home. The more you take pause in your life, the more room there is for your inspiration to emerge within you.
I believe with my heart that every woman needs to strengthen her connection with her womb and support it in a way she can. This space harbours our deepest dreams and desires, as well as our capacity for nurturing ourselves and all beings. When we heal our relationships to our wombs and their wisdom we play a tremendous role in reviving for the world the lost qualities of creativity, intuition, feminine wisdom, and cyclical living.” The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover
Isn’t it incredible how amazingly complex we are. I can’t help but marvel the wisdom we all hold inside us and our task in life is to pull this wisdom forward and share it with others. I’m thanking Sara from my heart for sharing her amazing wisdom with women around the world ♥

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