Meditation as a business tool – Interview with Jack Canfield

I’ve been following Lilou’s interviews, the Juicy Living Tour and her dedication for inspiring people to awaken to their own spiritual journey and tap in their life’s mission for many years now and I find her work truly amazing! Highly recommend to check her interviews out in case you haven’t heard of her! She’s got tons of inspiring, even mind-blowing interviews with phenomenal people from around the world!!!

Probably everyone knows or has heard of Jack Canfield, the world famous motivational speaker and author, and about how he’s not only become very successful in what he’s been doing but he also holds seminars on how to create success and personal fulfillment world-wide for a very long time. Anyhow, for those of us who grew up reading Jack Cannfield’s the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and found deep inspiration in them this interview is a must watch as Jack’s view and mission in life has also changed a lot along the way. While in this interview he talks about the importance of visualization, how to actually train the mind to effectively visualize, why it is important to release limiting beliefs, that success means living your purpose, he also talks about why meditation is one of the best business tools out there and how it helps to tap into our own creativity and get us more centered in everything we do!

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