Unconditional Love, Consciousness & Gratitude

Isla Saona

When we are not feeling loved that is because we’re not allowing ourselves to be loved! The more we love ourselves, we realize, the more life loves us back! How much we give is how much we get!

There are many many moments I feel particularly grateful for in my life but one of the recent ones was the moment of landing with a group of international friends on the paradisiac island of Saona in the Caribbean this August! Just thinking about it reignites my passion for life within a sec! And I know it was all possible because we believed in this dream (were planning it for years) like in many other dreams we have had along our journey. ”Energy flows where attention goes.” It could not be more true! Where our consciousness goes is who we are in that very moment that is why it’s so important to be selective about our thoughts and be positive

”The happiest people don’t have the best of everything they just make the best of everything!”

the islandSaonathe beach


2 thoughts on “Unconditional Love, Consciousness & Gratitude

  1. Thank you, you’re really kind for saying that! Originally we also stayed at Punta Cana but then we went all around the island as one of our friends was from there and he showed us all around. What a beautiful paradise with magnificent beauty and kind people! I’d love to return one day! I’ve taken tons of photos during our trip and maybe some other time I’ll post a few more! I wish you a great weekend!

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