What is true wealth?

♥ True wealth is abundant physical health.
♥ True wealth is spiritual connection to source energy.
♥ True wealth is emotional wellness.
♥ True wealth is found in serving others.

♥ True wealth is knowledge of oneself, knowledge of one’s environment… and finding and following your mission in life.

In addition:

♥ True wealth cannot be hoarded, only shared.
♥ True wealth is not created by what one has acquired, but by what one gives away.
♥ And true wealth (or happiness in oneself) is directly proportional to the happiness one brings to others.

Source of the quote

This week I had a newly found respect for David Wolfe. I am happy I had the chance to ‘attend’ his classes!

Moreover, this has probably been the most valuable week so far! I have learnt so much in so many different topics I’m just feeling continuously grateful for being able study at IIN and being guided on my own path and share my experiences with YOU! ♥

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