I don’t read or follow the news (especially don’t look at horrific photos and videos). They find me if I need to know about them. As each has a message or lesson to learn from and it is up to us how we make sense of the sometimes seemingly ‘inexplicable’ happenings of the world.

The tragedy, that happened in the Northern part of Spain yesterday, has had one message for me, loud and clear: SLOW DOWN. It is easy to get lost and blame the outer circumstances and feel as victims in the craziness of the world unless we stop and turn inward from time to time. Signs like these are clear indicators how much we all need to slow down, think of the others and how much we are interconnected, and live life on purpose.

My heart goes out to all who’s been involved in the tragedy and to their families and pray for their souls and send them unconditional love to find their solace in this infinite universe. ♥

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