Calming the mind… breathing in… breathing out


When we watch and allow our feelings we discover that we are not our feelings.

We do not disappear when our emotions disappear!

Just as we are not sounds, we just listen to sounds.

We are not our body. We only sense our body.

We are not our thoughts. We only think our thoughts.

We are not our emotions. We only feel our emotions.

We are not our anxiety. We are not our anger. We just sometime feel these feelings. We don’t have to identify with the feelings. Instead we simply just observe them and we also observe them passing away. We are not our feelings. Our feelings are not permanent. They come, they go. Watch them come and let them go.

HDRtist HDR Rendering -

While the photographs are mine the piece of meditation is from this beautiful site: that I love and enjoy almost each and every day!

”My Yoga Online is dedicated to bringing yoga, Pilates, health, wellness, and peace of mind to people around the world. We enable anyone, anywhere, to access our growing library of video practices via downloads and state of the art streaming technology, at your own schedule and energy level. Stress reducing classes are critically important in today’s world. By making these healing arts easily accessible, people will attain greater health, balance, and harmony in their lives.”

If you want to join them, via my recommendation you get 2 weeks of free premium membership! Let me know if I can help as all you need to do is give an email address where I can send you the invite!

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